What I've Been Playing: The Stanley Parable

So, my first game post-coursework was one that I'd heard a lot about (if an awfully vague amount of a lot), but never got around to playing. And now I understand why, since telling you too much about the game would completely ruin it for you. So, let's talk around it as much as we can.

D's First Piano Recital

What I've Been Doing: Classwork!

Yeah, it's been two months.

But I have a really good reason this time. Honest!

Part of my day job's review system involves setting goals for the year, and those can include training (as in, "I will complete such-and-such course"). This is a good thing, since it makes it our job to do professional development.

Except... I signed up for something expecting 9-12 60-minute modules, and it turned out to be 30 90-120 modules. (On top of the other shorter course)

What I've been Playing: Saints Row IV

So, finishing up the bundle I picked up, we rejoin our "puckish rogues" after they've taken over their hometown and then took over a corporate empire. And SR4 shows that the serious-to-silly transition is exponential, not linear. To recap:

Saints Row 2 starts with you breaking out of prison and shooting everyone in sight,

What I've Been Playing: Saints Row The Third

So, when we last left our anti-hero, the Saints had reclaimed their old stomping grounds of Stilwater, and as a bonus taken over the Ultor Corporation (because, obviously blowing up all the execs means that you get to be the new boss). SR3 picks up what seems to be a few years later - the Saints are now media icons, with their own line of Planet Saints clothing stores and Saints Flow energy drinks. Pierce is now a television star, Gat has bobble-heads, and Shuandi did a dating show (more on her later).

What I've Been Playing: Saints Row 2

I've been meaning to do a writeup on the Saints Row series, but... well, let's say I've been busy playing Saints Row. (Steam says I've clocked 60 hours in SR2, another 26 in SR3, and 8 in SR4.) Let's start with Saints Row 2.

What I've Been Playing: Space Run

So, as part of my ongoing quest to actually play all the games I pick up on Steam sales, I took Space Run out for a spin. The official blurb is kind of weird, so I'll put it in context - it's a sibling of FTL: Faster Than Light, but goes it's own way.

Scrapping the Savant

I haven't written much about it yet, but our household has largely adopted MTG Commander (folks might remember it as Elder Dragon Highlander) as our Magic format of choice (replacing the long-standing "just buy the theme decks and play them preconstructed when we feel like it" format). And to that end, we supplemented our collections with a few of the Commander precons (both the 2013 and 2014 versions) to get us an idea of how the format works, access to some of the staples of the format, and obviously to give us premade decks to play when we're lazy.


A review of sorts: Hyrule Warriors

So, because our city library system is awesome, we can borrow video games. And they're decently fast at getting new copies in, so even being late to the reservation (I think I was 30-somethingth in line), we got our copy a couple weeks ago.

What I've Been Playing II: The Playing-ing? (And gaming night!)

So, let's see what's been on my plate the last couple weeks.

Race The Sun
This is still in light rotation on my gaming time - I usually get a couple runs in a day. But I suspect that might be coming to an end because of a very odd design decision.


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