CCGaDay Day 20: Game I'll still be playing in 20 years

The realistic answer here is Magic. Assuming they don't royally screw the pooch, they're the CCG equivalent of Dungeons & Dragons - the "default" game of it's genre. As an aside, I honestly think Magic is in better shape, because the market realities make it easier to accept buying new cards every couple months, whereas there's some serious fatigue around Yet Another Edition of D&D. But neither brand is going to disappear for very long.


CCGaDay Day 19: Favorite set/expansion

I think I have two favorites, depending on whether I think of it as "what do I have the fondest memories about" vs "what set did the most for it's game".


CCGaDay Day 18: Favorite game mechanic

This one might be the easiest thus far - if there's a single mechanic that is brilliant and could only be done in CCGs, And I mentioned it back in day 10. Even though I played so little of either of the games it was used in, my favorite CCG mechanic is easily the Force mechanic from Star Wars (and later just WARS).


CCGaDay Day 17: Funniest game I played

I'll be honest - I'm not a big fan of "funny" games.

Now, that's different from "fun" games, which is kind of a pre-requisite for the genre; if you don't enjoy playing a game, it's probably more of a sport.

And, I'd say it's different from a game that is "humorous". Munchkin has plenty of funny cards in the game, but it's still a proper game.

What bugs me are party games that try a bit too hard to BE FUN instead of being.. entertaining is probably the word I'm going for.


CCGaDay Day 16: Game I wish I owned

I have a habit of trying out games, and I like to keep enough to have two decks, more or less. That way, even years in the future I can at least play a game, even if I don't have full collections. And for the most part, I've managed to keep a couple hundred cards for each game. The exact amount depends on how much I liked the game.

But somehow, I managed to not really get enough of Aliens Vs. Predator CCG to run a proper three-player game.


CCGaDay Day 15: Favorite Convention Game

(again, having to cheat a bit on the term "convention" because I just don't get out much)

My favorite game in a large setting is probably a multiplayer game of Magic from my university days, because I won with a deck full of terrible commons.


CCGaDay Day 14: Best convention purchase

I'm going to have to stretch the definition of "convention" a bit here, since I'm not really one for big conventions. And the last (OK, *only*) big convention I went to, I didn't even buy any CCGs. So you're stuck with this story instead.


CCGaDay Day 13: Most memorable loss

I've lost more than my share of games, but one does stick out, so let's tell a story.

Once upon a time, tournament directors weren't allowed to play in events they ran. Which meant that as the local TD, I sat around. A *lot*. (We'll come back to this point tomorrow).


CCGaDay Day 12: Old CCG I still play

There's no way to dodge this one - the old game I still play is Star Trek CCG - now called First Edition, but I was playing long before that upstart Second Edition got going. (Snark certainly intended).


CCGaDay Day 11: Weirdest CCG owned

Warning: while I'm going to keep the images SFW, due to the topic it's entirely likely that some of the links will lead you to NSFW places. You should probably wait read this entry until you're home. Unless you're a young teen, in which case you should find a wi-fi hotspot away from prying parents - I remember how it is.

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