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What I've been Playing: Saints Row IV

So, finishing up the bundle I picked up, we rejoin our "puckish rogues" after they've taken over their hometown and then took over a corporate empire. And SR4 shows that the serious-to-silly transition is exponential, not linear. To recap:

Saints Row 2 starts with you breaking out of prison and shooting everyone in sight,

What I've Been Playing: Saints Row The Third

So, when we last left our anti-hero, the Saints had reclaimed their old stomping grounds of Stilwater, and as a bonus taken over the Ultor Corporation (because, obviously blowing up all the execs means that you get to be the new boss). SR3 picks up what seems to be a few years later - the Saints are now media icons, with their own line of Planet Saints clothing stores and Saints Flow energy drinks. Pierce is now a television star, Gat has bobble-heads, and Shuandi did a dating show (more on her later).

What I've Been Playing: Saints Row 2

I've been meaning to do a writeup on the Saints Row series, but... well, let's say I've been busy playing Saints Row. (Steam says I've clocked 60 hours in SR2, another 26 in SR3, and 8 in SR4.) Let's start with Saints Row 2.

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