CCGaDay Day 2: First CCG Tournament Ran

The first real CCG tournament I attended was also one I ran. I say "real" because the only Trek tournaments in town was one store employee who had... shall we say a weak grasp on the rules at best? (And I'm not talking the modern kind of questions that revolve around weird interactions - he messed up on really basic stuff. Like, "OFFICER doesn't count as a leader" level misunderstandings).

CCGaDay Day 1: First CCG Played

Oddly enough, this is a tie for me, between Magic: the Gathering and Star Trek First Edition. Lemme explain.


In August there was a thing called #RPGaDAY (which was following on #bookaday), tied into GenCon. Since I've completely missed August (and it feels a bit weaksauce to just do the 30 days a month late), I'm going to tweak it a bit and do it in September, but with CCGs, and hopefully twenty years of CCG playing can give me thirty interesting anecdotes to fill in.

So, stay tuned. Posts start on the 1st.



If you're wondering what happened - I'm switching to a different Drupal installation (namely, one that takes less effort on my part to update, meaning it'll maybe actually get updated), and there's enough cruft on the old site that I'm going to have to move it over manually (if I even bother). So, that's what happened.

On the plus side, I'm going to renew efforts to actually post, so... that's something? Maybe?



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