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CCGaDay Day 2: First CCG Tournament Ran

The first real CCG tournament I attended was also one I ran. I say "real" because the only Trek tournaments in town was one store employee who had... shall we say a weak grasp on the rules at best? (And I'm not talking the modern kind of questions that revolve around weird interactions - he messed up on really basic stuff. Like, "OFFICER doesn't count as a leader" level misunderstandings).

Given that I spent a few years as the Rules Guy for 1E, it's probably no shock to anyone that I'm a bit fussy when it comes to rules. (I choose to believe I use my Rules Lawyering for Good and not Evil, but opinions may vary). But it became very clear that if our group wanted to play proper events, one of us would have to run it. And as the resident rules lawyer, that job fell to me.

So, we got a room at the university, posted the event, and tried to get the word out. (Fun fact: local stores are not fond of advertising events that don't take place at their store). Turns out we got a boardroom, but the tables are made out of old desks and they don't line up properly, so some people can't get their feet under the table. Not to mention it's in the student union building office tower.

All that said, we got our eight people, a good time was had by all (including several people I'd met for the first time), and my career as Tournament Organizer was begun!