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CCGaDay Day 30: Favorite CCGs Of All Time

At last! We have reached the end.

Obviously, my favorite game of All Time has to be Star Trek: First Edition. It's the game I started with, and the game I've spent the most time with over the last twenty years. And if I had to pick a reason why, it would be that it's the only game that has a solid strategic aspect to it. While most games rely on the randomization of your draw deck, 1E gives you a seed deck to establish your defences and strategy.

My honorable mentions:

Babylon 5 has been our go-to game for multiplayer. We've yet to find a better CCG that supports 4-6 players, and it's use of cards to enhance the political horse-trading necessary to win is something I've yet to see matched.

Magic, obviously is the lingua franca of CCGs. It's not my favorite for gameplay, but I can't deny that they've kept finding ways to keep the game fresh over the years.

Lord of the Rings, which was my other "main" CCG for quite a few years. And I always enjoyed the shadow mechanic (where the more you spent on your good guys, the more your opponent could spend on the villians to slow you down)

And the list could go on and on, with all the games I've enjoyed over the years. CCGs are fun, after all. :)