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CCGaDay Day 29: Rarest CCG Owned

Well, this is a bit of a weird one - CCGs, for all their talk of rarity and collectability, aren't actually that rare. Even Magic, first "Alpha" set - the first CCG run ever, had a print run in the millions. And while rares from that set can be expensive, there's still a thousand of them - each. The popularity is much more from demand than from supply generally.

So, I've got a ton of rare cards, but so does everyone else. Even the promo stuff, like the Fajo Collection and the Future Enterprise, aren't exactly "rare" - there are multiple people in town with copies of those.

The same logic applies to the games themselves. I'm the only person I know with copies of a few games (Tomb Raider, SimCity, Mythos comes to mind), but considering I bought those games in stores, I would be amazed if I was the only person around who bought them. (I certainly didn't pre-order them).

So, if we're talking single cards, it's probably something that's been signed - Kim has an oversized Gimli signed by the actor. And I'm sure he signed a mess of those as well. But it's the only one I know of in town. (Certainly the only one signed "To Kim").

And really, it's a bit of a silly question - CCGs only work if you have someone to play with. Having a rare game is like having the only videophone in town, y'know?