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CCGaDay Day 26: Game I'd like to see a new/improved edition of

Before last year, this would have been an easy choice - Netrunner. It's a brilliant game, asymmetrical game play, balanced on a knife edge, and impossible to find. And then Fantasy Flight released a new edition last year as a LCG, so, that's taken care of.

So, since my long-standing choice has actually come to pass, what game would I want to see next?

Weirdly, I think I'd want a game I don't own much of. It's pretty much impossible to make a new edition without breaking backwards compatibility, so ironically I'd prefer a game that I enjoyed but didn't invest much in - because I wouldn't be throwing too much money away. Also, it'd need to be a game that would benefit from a new edition - cleaner rules and templating, modern design sensibilities.

With all that in mind, I think it'd have to go with Aliens vs Predator. There's a lack of good 3-player games in the market, and not a lot of territory control games either. So there's certainly a market available. And I could see a reimplementation solving the problems of the original game (tweaking a couple cards, cleaning up general weirdness in the rules).

And hopefully, it's been enough years that the licensing isn't a pain in the arse to get.