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CCGaDay Day 25: Favorite card template

I'm not enough of an art grognard to really get into the nuts and bolts of what makes a good card template, but as the Supreme Court says, I know it when I see it. And while there might be some newer games with better templates (I think Magic and Pokemon is on their third or fourth major template change each, and that's not counting the fancy alternate art versions), I can think of one game that got a cool template on the first try: X-Files CCG.

All the cards have that same art style of "case files", and it does really help sell the game. It also helps that the information is set up in a decent way. Keywords across the left side (with card-type at the top left), stats across the right. (The cost in the bottom-right is a bit of a modern no-no, but this was 1996. We can cut them a bit of slack.)

The game itself was quite interesting (ithe rumor is that the game died not because it didn't make money, but because the company made *more* money just selling regular playing cards), but the template has always been a favorite of mine.