A quick thought on D&D

Working on setting up the new home campaign, and I'm quickly reminded of what my biggest pet peeve about the 3.5 edition was.

No, not the grappling rules, or the linear fighter/quadratic wizard issues.

Why Nintendo is Losing the Console War

After seeing E3 and the pundits talking, they all seem to be missing the point.

It's not the graphics, it's not the new controllers, it's not the always-on connectivity.

It's that the Wii U had nearly a full year's head start, and managed to come out with no games worth buying.

Timesinks: Kerbal Space Program

Where have I been, you might ask?

(Or possibly not, since this has never really been a particularly well-updated website. Also, if you're talking to your computer you should seek professional help. Yes, even if it has voice recognition - that's for weirdos and temporally-displaced Scottish engineers)

My Google Glass wishlist

So, the new Google Glass video is up, along with word that Americans can enter a draw to win the chance to pay $1500 for an early-release version of the specs to show off with. No word on a public release, or a public price for that matter, but word is it'll be slightly more expensive than a smart-phone.

And while they look cool, there's a few features that would need to be added before I could realistically convince my wife to let me spring for one of these:

Nintendo consoles and number of buttons

There's an interview up about how the Wii U won't get a version of the new Tomb Raider game, since it would require a unique interface that they don't have time to do justice, and I feel compelled to point out that a Wii U gamepad has *exactly* the same number of controls as a 360 or PS controller. You've got two analog sticks, a D-pad, a block of four face buttons, and four shoulder buttons.


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