What I've Been Playing: Space Run

So, as part of my ongoing quest to actually play all the games I pick up on Steam sales, I took Space Run out for a spin. The official blurb is kind of weird, so I'll put it in context - it's a sibling of FTL: Faster Than Light, but goes it's own way.

Scrapping the Savant

I haven't written much about it yet, but our household has largely adopted MTG Commander (folks might remember it as Elder Dragon Highlander) as our Magic format of choice (replacing the long-standing "just buy the theme decks and play them preconstructed when we feel like it" format). And to that end, we supplemented our collections with a few of the Commander precons (both the 2013 and 2014 versions) to get us an idea of how the format works, access to some of the staples of the format, and obviously to give us premade decks to play when we're lazy.


A review of sorts: Hyrule Warriors

So, because our city library system is awesome, we can borrow video games. And they're decently fast at getting new copies in, so even being late to the reservation (I think I was 30-somethingth in line), we got our copy a couple weeks ago.

What I've Been Playing II: The Playing-ing? (And gaming night!)

So, let's see what's been on my plate the last couple weeks.

Race The Sun
This is still in light rotation on my gaming time - I usually get a couple runs in a day. But I suspect that might be coming to an end because of a very odd design decision.

What I've Been Playing: Humble Bundle (mostly)

Some quick reviews on what's been taking up my time lately (and to stall a bit while I figure out my Gone Home review)


CCGaDay Day 30: Favorite CCGs Of All Time

At last! We have reached the end.

Obviously, my favorite game of All Time has to be Star Trek: First Edition. It's the game I started with, and the game I've spent the most time with over the last twenty years. And if I had to pick a reason why, it would be that it's the only game that has a solid strategic aspect to it. While most games rely on the randomization of your draw deck, 1E gives you a seed deck to establish your defences and strategy.

My honorable mentions:


CCGaDay Day 29: Rarest CCG Owned

Well, this is a bit of a weird one - CCGs, for all their talk of rarity and collectability, aren't actually that rare. Even Magic, first "Alpha" set - the first CCG run ever, had a print run in the millions. And while rares from that set can be expensive, there's still a thousand of them - each. The popularity is much more from demand than from supply generally.

So, I've got a ton of rare cards, but so does everyone else. Even the promo stuff, like the Fajo Collection and the Future Enterprise, aren't exactly "rare" - there are multiple people in town with copies of those.


CCGaDay Day 28: Most memorable game

This one is another one that I didn't participate in, and it's another Regionals story. Might actually be the same Regionals as yesterday's story.

My wife played a lot more Trek than I did, and she was a solidly good player. (She was known for building diabolical mission stealing decks). For this regional, she ran a Patrol Neutral Zone deck, that had various tricks to kick the opposing player out so she could score 60 points per mission. (This was before Charvanek and the other PNZ counters). It was decently fast and brutal.


CCGaDay Day 27: Strangest game played

I'm not what anyone would call a "competitive player". I mean, I like winning as much as anyone, and I always try to win in games. But when deckbuilding, I'm always more interested in nifty mechanics or unusual ideas than eking out that last bit of advantage. So I've ended up playing some very strange decks over the years (the Death Star Nine deck comes to mind), and sometimes they turn out to be really good (I'm not sure if I'm allowed to play League of Non-Aligned in B5 still.)


CCGaDay Day 26: Game I'd like to see a new/improved edition of

Before last year, this would have been an easy choice - Netrunner. It's a brilliant game, asymmetrical game play, balanced on a knife edge, and impossible to find. And then Fantasy Flight released a new edition last year as a LCG, so, that's taken care of.

So, since my long-standing choice has actually come to pass, what game would I want to see next?



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